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8 Must-have Ingredients for Your Vegan Pantry

Staple items for your pantry to make eating vegan simple and quick.

New Year’s Resolutions – How to Make Them Stick

New Year’s resolutions are in full force and motivation is on a high; here are some tips on maintaining these habits and resolutions throughout the entire year.

Official Partner of the CWHL

The Doctor’s Formula is the official partner of the Canadian Women’s Hockey League.

The Boston Celtics Enjoy Plant Strong Protein

We’re excited to see players like Kyrie Irving reap the benefits of a plant-based diet.

Milk Alternatives – How do they compare?

Are milk alternatives just as effective as dairy milk? Which one should you be drinking post-exercise?

Happy Holidays!

The holidays are different for us all but often result in changes to our eating and exercise routines and added stress. Try to plan your training and celebrations in a way that helps you incorporate family into your healthy lifestyle choices.

Hard Hitters for the Holiday Hangovers

As the holidays are quickly approaching our calorie intake is starting to ramp up and of course, so is our alcohol consumption.

Vegan Athletes
Why Are More and More Athletes Going Vegan?

Nowadays, even more athletes are starting to go more plant-based. Whether it be vegan, vegetarian or anything in between. So come and find out why these professional athletes are making the change.

Creatine muscle scoop
Creatine – What’s the Scoop? Or What’s in the Scoop?

Surprisingly, creatine is the most common ergogenic aid used by exercising individuals and athletes. It’s used to increase muscle mass, muscle performance, and furthermore muscle recovery. But what’s in it?

Vegan Myths
Top Vegan Myths, Busted!

It’s easy to accept commonly-held myths about veganism when you’re unfamiliar with plant-based eating and well-acclimated to a culture that embraces meat.

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